A Message from the Board of Trustees

Plain Township Seeking a 1.5 Mill Additional Road Levy

On November 4, 2014, Plain Township will be seeking a 1.5 mill additional road levy. The Plain Township Road Department maintains 174 miles of township roadway.

Unfortunately, due to the skyrocketing cost of asphalt, the Township has had to cut its paving program from paving 14 miles of roads in 2005, to only 8 miles in 2014. Just 10 years ago, the Township spent $757,000 to pave those 14 miles, including curb and gutter work, while this year the cost to pave just 8 miles was $720,000.

Our Road Department has not been able to install or repair curbs and gutters recently due to the increasingly high cost of concrete over the past several years. As a result, Plain Township is rapidly falling behind in its paving program. Over 1/3 of the Township’s roads are now rated by the Highway Superintendent as being in poor condition. If this levy is approved, Plain could return to the accepted standard of repaving all roads every 10 years. Highway Superintendent Joe Iacino has reported that four to five additional miles a year of road could be paved with the additional levy.

Beyond paving our roads, the Road Department has other pressing needs as well. It is the responsibility of the Plain Township Road Department to salt and plow our streets in the winter. The Road Department is also available 24 hours a day for emergencies. We have equipment needs as well. There are 12 trucks used for snow removal as well as for transporting materials and equipment. Some of these vehicles are now 19 years old. While Plain Township takes excellent care of its vehicles, the time has come where some of them have reached the end of their productive life, and need replaced. With the passage of the additional levy, the Road Department would be able to replace two to three trucks a year.

Another rising expense for our Road Department is the cost of salt used in snow and ice removal during the winter. The cost of road salt has increased from approximately $31 a ton in 2005, to $51 a ton in 2014. Last winter alone, approximately $190,000 was spent on road salt to keep our streets clear and drivers safe.

This levy would cost the owner of a property with an appraised tax value of $100,000 approximately $52.50 per year. Plain Township has always strived to keep tax increases to a minimum. Plain Township residents can be assured this money would be kept locally, and used to maintain Plain Township's roads. Safe streets with proper maintenance and upkeep help maintain property values and make Plain Township an attractive place to live and work.

If you have any questions about the proposed road levy, please contact Joe Iacino at (330)492-3423. Please contact the Stark County Auditor’s office at 330-451-7357 if you have any questions in regards to the market value for tax purposes of your property.