A Message from the Board of Trustees

The Plain Township Board of Trustees is seeking a 2.0 mill increase of the current 6.7 mill Fire Levy, which expires at the end of tax year 2015. Under the current levy, the owner of a property with a market value for tax purposes of $100,000.00 pays $205.00 per year. Under the proposed 8.7 mill levy, the owner of the same property would pay $275.00 per year, an increase of just $70.00 per year, or about $5.83 per month.

The levy's passage would allow Plain Township to hire nine additional firefighter/paramedics. The current manpower for the Fire Department is eleven people per shift. Plain Township would like to increase the manpower to fourteen people per shift. This increase in personnel will not only allow the Fire Department to continue providing adequate response times, but will provide the community an additional margin of firefighter safety, meeting the National Fire Protection Association's deployment standards.

The money generated from passage of this levy may also be utilized for repairs, upgrades, building maintenance, facility expansion, new fire trucks, new firefighting equipment and radios. It would also allow for more efficient management of personnel and the strategic placement of necessary safety equipment.

The Plain Township Fire Department has not increased its operating budget since 2005. The current labor cost per run, and the proposed labor cost per run with passage of this levy will still be considerably lower than most cities and townships in Ohio with a comparable population.

Currently, Plain Township's population is about 37,000 residents. It is projected that within the next 10 years, Plain's population will exceed 40,000 people. Plain Township is one of the top ten most populated townships in Ohio, making it equivalent in population to medium sized cities. Increases in population have a direct effect on the increase of calls to which our Fire Department must respond. One of the service goals in the Township's Comprehensive Plan is to "coordinate growth and development with expansion of Township services in order to main-tain service levels."

Plain Township wants to ensure that our residents have superior safety services and continues to work towards maintaining this high standard.

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