>   According to a resolution from the Stark County Commissioners, the first election in Plain Township was held at the home of George Harter in 1809. >   Today, our elections are a little more formal, and are held at sixteen different locations every spring and autumn.
>   In June of 1809, the first tax was levied to meet the expenses of the county. The total amount collected was a whopping $32.20 for the whole county! >   Today, Plain Township alone collects close to $7.8 million in taxes, allowing us to provide hundreds of services to our proud residents.
>   Before we were an official township, the first log schoolhouse was built in the southern side, located on the farm of James Gaff. Nineteen children attended the first school term, recorded as the first official school term in Stark County. By 1815, four more schools were in session in Plain Township. >   In 2009, the Plain Local School District has eleven schools, including GlenOak, Glenwood, Oakwood, Avondale, Barr, Frazer, Middlebranch, Taft, Warstler, Little Eagle Kindergarten at Day and Little Eagle Kindergarten at Plain Center. This district now has nearly 6,150 children in attendance at these fine schools.
>   The first church was built in 1809. >   Today, over seventy churches, temples, and other places of religious gatherings are located in Plain Township, home to many religions of diverse beliefs.
>   By 1940, Plain Township's unincorporated area had a population of only 6,000 people. >   Plain Township today has a population of close to 40,000 citizens.
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