Road - 2017 Year End Report

During 2017, the Road crew completed 3,296 work order requests for services such as patching, street sweeping, catch basin repairs, curb repairs, drainage, vactoring, roadside mowing, snowplowing, and deicing of township roads.

The Road Department completed the following work:

2017 Road Paving

   Paved 17.75 miles of road

2017 Curb & Gutter Replacement

   Replaced/repaired a total of 1,657 feet of concrete curb and gutter
   Installed or repaired a total of 3,124 feet of asphalt curb

2017 Culvert Replacement

   Installed, replaced, or repaired 4,221 feet of culvert pipe
   Installed or repaired 136 catch basins
   Reconstructed 1,675 feet of roadside ditches

2017 Pavement Marking

   Striped 14.84 miles of center line
   Striped 27.95 miles of edge line

2017 Crack Sealing

   No crack sealed performed in 2017

2017 Vactor & Street Sweeping

   Vactored 71,668 ft. ditch line
   Flushed/cleaned 3,716 ft. pipe
   Cleaned 441 catch basins
   Swept 350 curb miles of road

Road Department
6300 Heminger Ct NE
Canton, Ohio 44721

7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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