The Stark County Sheriff's Office currently has a contract with the Plain Township Board of Trustees, in which the Sheriff's Office provides fifteen Deputies and one Inspector assigned exclusively to the Township.   The Deputies and Inspector provide a wide range of services, including patrolling Plain Township roads and neighborhoods, conducting investigations of criminal and civil complaints, and providing a School Resource Officer in the schools.

This contract provides the residents of Plain Township with their own police protection.   A stronger police presence in our neighborhoods provides the stability and security that the citizens of Plain Township have come to expect.   The Plain Township Board of Trustees owns all the equipment used, including 16 police cruisers and one unmarked vehicle.

Those needing to reach the Stark County Sheriff, George T. Maier, the Sheriff's Office, or the Plain Township Inspector can call 330-430-3800.

Stark County Sheriff
4500 Atlantic Blvd. NE
Canton, Ohio 44705

Phone: 330.430.3800


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