Fire & Rescue - Safety Tips - Spinal Cord Injury

Think First - Prevent Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries. It's a "NO BRAINER"

Each year 70,000 deaths and 500,000 permanent brain and spinal cord injuries are sustained by people in the U.S. resulting from unintentional injuries. Think First about the following safety issues:

Safety Belts - in 1998 41,798 people were killed in traffic crashes and 3,386,000 were injured. 2/3 of those killed were not wearing a safety belt. You are more likely to be involved in a traffic crash than be a victim of a crime. One person dies every 13 minutes from a traffic crash. Think First - buckle up.
Shaken baby Syndrome - 50,000 babies each year receive brain or spinal cord injuries from forceful shaking (1 in 4 dies). Most often it's from being frustrated due to inconsolable crying. Think First - STOP! Put the child in a safe place (crib or playpen) and leave the room for a few minutes.
Bike Safety - a non-helmet wearing bicyclist is 20 times more likely to die from a head injury than those wearing a helmet. Think First - always wear a helmet.

Other Think Firsts

Always wear proper safety gear when engaging in any sport.
Always check the depth of water before diving in - Remember: feet first, first time!
Talk to teens about ways to solve an argument without violence.
When installing a backyard playground, make sure the ground surface is soft and free of debris and rocks.

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