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Welcome to the Plain Township Board of Zoning Appeals Information page.   If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our office at 330-492-4686, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Board of Zoning Appeals - Scheduled Appeals

View DocumentAppeal #1326-21 - 8/4/2021

Applicant/Owner-Power Home Solar 919 N Main St. Mooresville, NC 28115 /Michael Hayes 1281 Keats St NE Canton, OH 44721. Applicant requests a conditional use permit to place an accessory solar system on the roof of the residence on the property located at 1281 Keats St NE Canton, OH 44721. Parcel #52-03792.

View DocumentAppeal #1327-21 - 8/4/2021

#1327-21 - Applicant/Owner-Jean Rice 2445 30th ST NE Canton, OH 44705. Applicant/Owner-Jean Rice 2445 30th St. NE Canton, Ohio 44705, Parcel #5207609, Matthew Wyant, 2441 30th St. NE Canton, Ohio 44705, Parcel #5209413. The applicants are requesting a variance for both lot size and setback due to a court-ordered partition of the property replat. A minimum of six (6) foot west side setback for Parcel #5207609, is required, the applicants are proposing to have approximately two (2) foot west side setback. The minimum required lot size is 9,000 sq. ft., the applicant is proposing a lot size of 5,924 sq. ft. for Parcel #5209413.

View DocumentAppeal #1328-21 - 8/4/2021

#1328-21 - Applicant/Owner-William Wagner Jr 5033 Harmont Ave NE Canton, OH 44705. Applicant requests a variance to build a 11ft x 37 ft (407 sq. ft.) deck on Parcel #52-17747.

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