Road - Who Maintains this Road?

Many roads within Plain Township are maintained by other public entities.   This can cause some confusion for Township residents as to who maintains the road.   Listed below are the roads that seem to cause the most confusion and telephone numbers of the public entities responsible for their maintaintenance.

 Road  Contact  Telephone 
 19th St (Blake to Clearview)  City of Canton  489-3030
 21st St NW (Barr to Clearview)  City of Canton  489-3030
 38th St NW (Cleveland Ave to Guilford)  City of Canton  489-3030
 38th St NW (Guilford to Whipple Ave)  Stark County Engineer    477-6781
 44th St NE (Plain Center to Market Ave)  City of Canton  489-3030
 44th St NW (Market to Cleveland)  City of Canton  489-3030
 44th St NW (Cleveland to Harrison St)  Plain Township  492-3423
 55th St NE (Harmont Ave to Middlebranch)  Stark County Engineer    477-6781
 55th St NE (Middlebranch to Lindford)  Plain Township  492-3423
 55th St NE (Lindford to Market)  City of Canton  489-3030
 Applegrove St (Market St to N Canton City Lts)  Stark County Engineer  477-6781
 Applegrove St (Middlebranch to Market Ave)  Stark County Engineer  477-6781
 Barr Ave NE (Fulton to 21st St)  City of Canton  489-3030
 Bentler Ave NE (Columbus Rd to Easton St)  Nimishillen Township  875-3511
 Bentler Ave NE (Easton St to Diamond St)  Plain Township  492-3423
 Blake Ave NE (Fulton to 17th St)  City of Canton  489-3030
 Columbus Rd  Stark County Engineer  477-6781
 Diamond St (Middlebranch to Bentler Rd)  Plain Township  492-3423
 Diamond St (Middlebranch to Market St)  Plain Township  492-3423
 Easton St  Stark County Engineer  477-6781
 George Halas (Fulton to Woodward)  City of Canton  489-3030
 Harmont Ave  Stark County Engineer  477-6781
 Martindale Rd  Stark County Engineer  477-6781
 Middlebranch Ave  Stark County Engineer  477-6781
 Market Ave (SR 43) (North of 55th)   Ohio Dept. of Trans.  452-0365
 Market Ave (SR 43) (South of 55th)  City of Canton  489-3030
 Mt. Pleasant St NE (Market St to Middlebranch Ave)  Plain Township  492-3423
 Mt. Pleasant St NW (Market to Pittsburg)  Lake Township  877-9479
 Schneider St. NW (Market Ave to N. Canton City Line)   Stark County Engineer  477-6781
 Werner Church Road  Stark County Engineer  477-6781
 Westmoreland Ave (Fulton to Arboretum Park)  Plain Township  492-3423
 Westmoreland Ave (Arboretum Park to Guilford)  City of Canton  489-3030
 Woodward (George Halas to Clearview)  City of Canton  489-3030

Road Department
6300 Heminger Ct NE
Canton, Ohio 44721

7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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